Case Study: Come See Turkey's Success

Case Study: Come See Turkey's Success

As most Tourism Boards are, Turkey’s Tourism Board was on a mission to entice visitors from around the world to “Come See Turkey.” There are numerous ways these boards can choose from to promote their country and drive increases in tourism, including Instagram. The best way to interest someone in taking a triphas always been to show them a beautiful picture and it is even more powerful when you know the person who took that photo. Enter Instagram and it’s visual storytelling abilities and travel-hungry millennials and you’ve got a recipe for success. Let’s take a look at the campaign.


Turkey’s Tourism Board invited 20 influential Instagramers on a 15 day, all expenses paid trip across Turkey. Over the course of two weeks, they showed the landscapes, monuments, cities, food & people and encouraged them to take as many photos as they liked. Here were the results:

  • 10.8M

On top of that, Come See Turkey experienced a 620% increase in their followers and the hashtag #ComeSeeTurkey is now tied to over 66k posts on Instagram. These are some pretty impressive results, so how what did they do that to get there besides provide a free trip?

What They Did Right

  1. Experience – They invited Influencers to come experience Turkey in well organized, all expenses paid fashion. The Influencers had such a great experience, they continued to post after the trip with #latergrams.
  2. Showcased the country through a diverse set of people– Each Influencer was able to capture unique viewpoints that matched their own brand, they weren’t forced to shoot the same things. This led to portraits, landscapes, city views, etc capturing a holistic view of the country (see images below).
  3. Utilized international as well as domestic influencers – They created a view of Turkey that reached over 10 different countries.
  4. Brought together an active community on Instagram – Community is something that is crucial to making experiential marketing a success on Instagram. It’s a fairly simple concept – would you rather go on a trip with people you don’t know anything about or a few of your good friends & people whose work you admire? Come See Turkey brought together people who had a common interest in travel & photography and for the most part they already followed and engaged with each other.

Campaign content examples