Why You Need To Be On Instagram Now

Why You Need To Be On Instagram Now

The Platform: Instagram is the fastest growing network in the history of social networks. They hit 150M monthly actives 2x as fast as Twitter and 2 years before Facebook and they are still growing. At last count they were at 200M with promise of nearing 250M before the year is over.

That growth alone is garnering the interest of leading brands like Nike, Ford & General Electric. However, that’s not even the most interesting part. According to Instagram, users generate 1.6B, that’s billion with a “b,” likes and post 60M photos daily. They even seem to beat out Facebook’s engagement by 15x. Still not impressed? Take a look at these engagement stats*:

The Audience: So, the user base is engaged, but who are they? They are the stuff marketing dreams are made of – or better said, Millennials. A whopping 90%* of the users are under 35* and many media experts are saying Instagram is the new Facebook for this crowd. On top of that, these aren’t just domestic consumers, 60%* of users are international. Of course, Instagram is quick to capitalize on that with their next round of ads focusing on Canada, the United Kingdom & Australia.

The Branding Opportunity: Instagram is a content platform, plain and simple, that gives users the opportunities to share experiences, tell their story & get creative. Brands can and should be doing the same. This is the place to tell a story you can’t tell in a 15 sec commercial or a 1 page magazine ad, a place where you can enhance that story by showing a more sides of your brand and equally as important, a place to engage with your consumers. There is no end to what you can do with your account. If you want some best practices, we will be sharing some soon. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter for updates!

*Source: L2, a digital think tank