Case Study: Canon Creates Instagram Ambassadors

Case Study: Canon Creates Instagram Ambassadors

Canon set out to help show millennials the importance of using a real camera (vs iphone) when they travel. Understanding the ins & outs of how to use a nice camera can be a bit overwhelming, so Canon created fun events in Portland & Brooklyn to show millennials just how much fun it can be to shoot with a Canon. They partnered with The Social Standard to help them select Instagram Influencers who were already Canon users & well adept at teaching larger groups about topics such as portraits, low light, motion & food. Each influencer was given a topic & station at the event where they shared tips & tricks with attendees on how they get the best shots.

  • 10 influencers
  • 2 events
  • 30 IG Posts
  • 3 Snapchat stories (30k views)
  • 150+ attendees at each event
    • 5.3M

    What They Did Right:

    1.Experience– These events were experiences that were trendy, well organized & made the influencers feel incredibly special – it also gave them a stage to interact with their audiences & peers.

    2.Inclusive of Influencers– The influencers were included in the invitations, press and were given new Canon gear for the weekend as a first access opportunity. Because they felt so tied the brand, they shared it on their social channels, including Snapchat at no additional cost! Great relationships & events create goodwill & value add. Canon liked one of the NYC influencers so much, they decided to fly him to Portland for their second event!

    3.Leveraging Assets– The influencers’ content was featured on the event invite, the BringIt website, CanonUSA’s social channels and their photography & bios were blown up at the event.

    4.The Right Partners– Being able to speak & teach crowds of people is a special type of skill that not all influencers/photographers have. Working with The Social Standard, they were able to get the perfect fits to ensure their event was a success.

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