L’Oreal partnered with The Social Standard to spread awareness & create interesting content around the launch of their Nude Palettes (eye shadow palettes). For this collaboration, we wanted L’Oreal to own the nude palette conversation on Instagram. Instead of focusing on numerous influencers posting 1-2 times, we wanted to deeply engrain L’Oreal into the make-up conversation. We did this by partnering them with top Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle influencers to talk about the product non-stop from July –October. During that time, they created original content that inspired, taught & influenced their audience. This was the first time L’Oreal partnered in a long-term fashion with influencers of this size and the results were incredible. Note, this campaign was designed & executed by The Social Standard.

•5Instagram Influencers
•61 Instagram posts
•5 Instagram Videos
•464k+ Youtube views
•10 Tweets

  • 62M


1. True Partners – L’Oreal truly treated these influencers as ambassadors & partners. Throughout the campaign they were gifted products, invited to lunches, and given fantastic feedback and guidance. This was in large part due to the involvement L’Oreal’s in-house social team as well as L’Oreal’s social influencer strategy. The influencers were over the moon about the experience and felt truly connected to the brand. This ended up delivery value add to L’Oreal though additional Instagramposts, YouTube Videos & Tweets.

2. Creative Freedom – The influencers were very carefully selected and as such L’Oreal gave them tremendous creative freedom with their content. This left the influencers feeling inspired & like true partners. And when L’Oreal did have change requests they were acted up on quickly & enthusiastically.

3. Strong Organization – A collaboration with 60+ posts could easily go past deadlines and become a bit unwieldy. However, through quick turnarounds and a well-designed (&realistic) calendar and approval process we stayed on schedule.


As most large companies, L’Oreal often struggles to keep up with the content consumption demands of their audience, especially because they have such a high bar for every image they share. As such, we partnered them with influencers who created high-quality content so they were able to leverage it on their Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter accounts. They also added influencer’s YouTube How-To Videos to the beauty-video data base on their website.


The Social Standard’s influencers dominated the top page for the #LAPALETTE hashtag

The influencer content performed so well that a majority of L’Oreal’s page was featured content


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