Instagram Analytics | What's New?

Instagram Analytics | What's New?

Instagram has been teasing out analytics to influencers & businesses for almost 6 months now, but in the last month the majority of influencers have switched to business accounts which allows more insights. What does this mean for advertisers? In the most simplistic world, it means you can now gather the following audience data from influencers you work with:

  • % Female / Male
  • % Domestic vs International
  • Top 5 Cities
  • Breakdown by age

You can also gather the following information on individual posts:

  • Impressions – total # of times your post has been seen
  • Reach – the # of unique accounts that have seen your post
  • Engagements – # of unique accounts that liked or commented

The only catch here is that you need the Influencer to screenshot & send all of these metrics to you. That’s where The Social Standard’s relationship-based model comes into play. Since we know our Influencers, it’s easy for us to get this information for our brand partners. Just like we have done on Snapchat in the past.

In addition to analytics, Instagram is also winning older millennial users from Snapchat with Instagram Stories. Although Snapchat’s filters & message platform is much stronger, Instagram Influencers already have a built in, highly engaged audience. From a brand’s perspective, analytics are stronger on Instagram and so are the tools. We are currently testing out the “swipe to buy” feature on Instagram which allows you to send users straight to the website to buy, watch or engage with products/content (see image below). They’ve also added great features such as tagging other users, making it easy to hop between accounts (read: sending traffic to brand accounts). 

Swipe to Buy Example:

Tagging Accounts in IG Stories Example:

For all business users, you can see the following stats on your stories:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Replies
  • Exits

Instagram can’t launch a new product without a monetization strategy in mind and a few weeks ago, Instagram launched their beta program for Instagram Story Ads. This feature is identical to Snapchat’s where you don’t see the ad in your feed, but instead it shows up in between stories. One of our brand partners, Buick, was among the first to test this feature last week. They wanted to create something that felt native to the platform so they chose to use content created by The Social Standard’s influencer Gabrielle Assaf. This content was created from a larger 6-month partnership in which we secured licensing rights on social, digital & CRM. See below for the ad!

Buick IG Stories Ad: